NUX Loop Core loopperi

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NUX Loop Core loopperi

Kenties markkinoiden paras hintalaatusuhteen omaava loopperi! Nux Loopperissa on 99 muistipaikkaa ja sisäänrakennettu rumpukone jossa 44 eri komppia. Tallennusaikaa on mukavat 6 tuntia. Hanki tästä erittäin pätevä loopperi pieneen hintaan!

Army of One! NUX Loop Core allows you to record and create music phases and play back as loops! It has 40 built-in drum patterns and offers you 99 user memories! Whether you practice, compose, or play live gigs, you will get inspired by the well-considered features of Loop Core

Record and overdub as many layers as you need and create an impressive performance with different start modes and finish modes. Auto-Start mode, when you press the button Loop Core will wait until you hit the guitar to record, also when you record without any metronome or drum pattern, you could add a drum pattern after you finish your record and Loop Core can understand your tempo to simply add a drum pattern. When you finish your performance you have 3 modes, when you double tap the pedal switch Loop Core will stop jamming instantly in normal mode or Loop Core will play until end of measurement in Finish Mode. You could use also 10 second fade out in Fade Out mode. Up to 6 hours recording time Mono or Stereo recording* (stereo input only via aux-in jack) 99 user memories
Built-in drum patterns with TAP tempo Change the playback tempo of your recorded phrases without changing the key
Switching phrases without latency Extensional pedal (optional) for more c


Sampling Frequency

A/D converter

Signal Processing

Frequency response

INPUT impedance

AUX IN impedance

OUTPUT impedance


    9V DC Negative Tip (9V Battery, ACD-008A Adapter)

    122(L) x 64(W) x 48(H) mm


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