Omnitronic langaton korvamonitorijärjestelmä

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Omnitronic langaton korvamonitorijärjestelmä

Selkeäsoundinen ja luotettava saksalainen Omnitronic korvamonitorointijärjestelmä langattomana. Mukavat istuvat korvanapit ja vaihdettavat taajuudet. Lisää ostoskoriin!
Multifrequency in-ear monitoring set, 823-832 MHz

    Set includes a stationary stereo UHF transmitter, a stereo UHF pocket receiver and mini earphones
    Operation in the Duplex Gap 823-832 MHz
    License-free in Germany and 13 other countries
    10 groups with 60 fixed frequencies
    Multifrequency transmitter with UHF pilot tone technology (PLL)
    Transmits signals to any number of receivers with the same carrier frequency
    Parallel operation of 6 sets is possible without any interference
    Further pocket receivers STR-1000 can be ordered separately
    Operation range with line of sight approx. 100 meters
    License-free in the EU
    Stationary transmitter:
    Rubber antenna with BNC connection
    LCD for mono/stereo mode, stereo signal input and transmission frequency
    2 adjustable inputs via balanced combo mounting jacks XLR/6.3 mm
    Adjustable headphones output
    Stereo or mono mode
    Operation via supplied power unit
    483 mm rack installation possible with supplied mounting brackets
    STR-1000 pocket receiver:
    Adjustable earphones output
    LCD for battery capacity, receiving frequency, and RF signal
    Lock function for prevents undesired changes to settings
    Belt clip


    Housing design: (19") 48.3 cm rack installation possible


    Battery: 2 xMignon (AA) (not included)

Type:    In-ear Monitor
Frequency band:    UHF 823 - 832 MHz
Frequency range:    40 - 16,000 Hz
S/N ratio:    >105 dB
Range:    100 m with line of sight
Weight:    1,56 kg
Power supply:    100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
14 V DC
Power consumption:    5,00 W
Power connection:    Mains input Coaxial power connector (M) via Power supply cord with AC adapter (provided)
Housing design:    (19") 48.3 cm rack installation possible
Width:    21,3 cm
Height:    4,6 cm
Depth:    21 cm
Weight:    1,1 kg
Power connection:    Battery/battery pack (not included)
Battery:    2 xMignon (AA) (not included)
Weight:    0,1 kg

General Data:    

Receiving groups:    10, with 6 fixed frequencies each
Modulation:    F3F
Frequency stability:    ±0.005 %
Dynamic range:    >96 dB
T.H.D.:    <0.4 % at 1 kHz
Antenna:    BNC, detachable
Maximum deviation:    ±48000 Hz
Signal inputs:    2 x balanced combo XLR/6.3 mm jack
STR-1000    Pocket Receiver
Antenna:    Built-in
System:    Non-diversity, one channel
Earphones output:    3.5 mm stereo jack
Current consumption:    Approx. 185 mA

Dimensions (L x W x H):    108 x 66 x 22 mm
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