NUX Time Core Deluxe MKII

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NUX Time Core Deluxe MKII Delaypedaali

7 erilaista delay / kaikua: ΦPhi Digital Delay, Analog Delay,
Modulation Delay, Tape Echo:, Pan Delay, Verb Delay ja 
Reverse Delay
40 sekunnin loopperi
Stereo In ja Out
USB-C portti

paino 270 g
7 delay types in a compact enclosure.
ΦPhi Digital Delay: Musical digital delay with golden ratio 2nd repeat head. (80ms~1000ms)
Analog Delay: Warm sound with natural treble decay. (40ms~403ms)
Modulation Delay: Lush and rich chorus with digital delay. (20ms~1500ms)
Tape Echo: High-frequency saturation and low-end decay. (55ms~552ms)
Pan Delay: Creative natural stereo feeling. (80ms~1000ms)
Verb Delay: Plate Reverb algorithm with Digital Delay to create an ambient atmosphere. (80ms~1000ms)
Reverse Delay: Inspire guitarists for new ideas. (320ms~1240ms)
S.O.S: 40 seconds stereo phrase loop.
Sub-division with Smart Tap Tempo. (Maximum: 1580ms)
True-bypass or Buffer-bypass(Tails).
Supports Stereo.
Kill Dry.
Low power consumption. (less than 120mA)
Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency.    
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