Gatt Audio DM-100

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Määrä: kpl
The DM-100 dynamic microphone is ideal for use not only in live performances, but also broadcasting or recording environments. The cardioid characteristics of the element ensure rejection of any unwanted ambient sounds, thus minimizing feedback problems. Also, it can be used with hich sound pressure levels without any problems.

You get a free lead with the mic - a 4mtr XLR to Jack lead, plus a sturdy microphone clip for attaching the mic to a stand.

Element: Dynamic
Polar Pattern: Uni-directional cardioid
Frequency Response: 60Hz - 16kHz
Sensitivity: -55dB +/-3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
Output Impedance: 500ohms +/- 30%(at 1kHz

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