Roland VAD-706 Acoustic Design rummut

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Roland VAD-706 akustiset digitaalirummut

The Perfect Fusion of Acoustic and Electronic Drums

The VAD706 takes the electronic drumming experience where it’s never gone before, combining Roland’s flagship V-Drums technologies with the hand-crafted detail of premium-grade acoustic drums. This top-of-the-line V-Drums Acoustic Design kit features digital snare, ride, and hi-hat pads that bring ultra-detailed playability to the three most nuanced pieces in the kit. The next-generation TD-50X module provides unmatched tone, feel, and response, coupled with deep editing tools to fully personalize your sound and pro connectivity to take on any playing situation. Full-size wood shells are included throughout, with advanced sensing systems that deliver real-deal acoustic feel. And with four eye-popping finishes available, you can choose the look that perfectly matches your personal style and taste.

1 x rumpumoduli: TD-50X
1 x virvelirumpu PD-140X
1 x tom tom1 PDA-100
1 x tom tom2 PDA-120
1 x tom tom3 PDA-140F
1 x hi-hat VH-14D
2 x crash1, crash2 CY-16R-T
1 x ride CY-18DR
1 x bassorumpu KD-222
1 x rumpuräkki DTS-30S

Kick pad, Drum stand, Kick pedal, snare stand, hi-hat stand, and drum throne are not included.
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