NUX Roctary kaiutinsimulaattori ja octave pedaali

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NUX Roctary kaiutinsimulaattori ja octave pedaali

Roctarylla saat yhdessä Rotaryn ja polyphonisen octavepedaalin. Roctarylla luot legendaarisen "leslie-soundin". Roctary sopii kitaran lisäksi myös keyboardille!

There are many great guitar players remembered with their guitar sound as their guitar skills. And most of them have incorporated the rotary speaker into their rigs. The Roctary is a tribute for that legends and their sounds.

It offers adjustable speed, brake, horn and bass, overdrive and all the features about rotary effects with a polyphonic octave effects. It is not only about a classic rotary, the Roctary can be used to create unique organ sounds when combined the rotary effect with polyphonic octave and warm overdrive and it has a cabinet simulator that offers legendary “Leslie-Speaker” sound. It also compatible for keyboards, you can combine any sound you like and make the sound like a big organ!


Nu-X Original TSAC Technology

Rotary Speaker Effects

Slow/Fast Switch with Adjustable Rising Time

Built-In Overdrive

Accurate Polyphonic Octave Effects
    +1 Octave & -1 Octave

Buffered Tail

    AC adaptor (negative tip)



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