NUX MGS-6 Amp Academy

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NUX MGS-6 Amp Academy pedaali jolla saat käyttöösi maailmanluokan putkivahvistimien soundit.
a super-portable stomp-box which can deliver the sound and feel of world-class tube amplifiers.

-Pro-Level Amp Modeling with Bias Tweaking.
-7 Independent movable signal blocks with Send/Return effect loop.
-Intuitive operation and editor software.
-1024 samples IR resolution and 3rd party IR loader slot with auto format editor.
-Versatile application scenes with independent 1/4” & XLR IR outs.
-Ultra-low system latency(1.2ms) and premium powerful NXP RT DSP(1GHz).
-Comes with Insert Y-cable for send/return effect loop.
-USB recording interface, firmware update, AmpAcademy™ editor software.
-Ultra-wide dynamic range: 110dB
-Features Neutrik jacks, Alpha pots, NXP RT super powerful DSP (1000MHz), 4 In TI PCM1840 ADC, 4 Out AKM AK4454 DAC, …etc
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