Monacor SAM-1 subwoofer

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Monacor SAM-1 subwooferamplifier

Powerful active module of highest operating reliability. Due to jumpers, suitable for subwoofers (12dB slope) and full range speaker systems, continuously adjustable phase control, ground lift switch of the professional technology against hum interference, 24dB subsonic filter, automatic switch-on system and extensive protective circuits (short circuit, overheating and DC voltage overload).

With the usual modern music material and a crossover frequency below 100Hz, the power of the SAM-1 for the bass range corresponds to a total amplifier power for the full frequency range of several hundred watts.

Output power rms 4Ω 90WRMS  (jatkuvaa tehoa)
Output power rms 8Ω 65WRMS (jatkuvaa tehoa)
Music output power 4Ω 120WMAX
Music output power 8Ω 90WMAX
THD at rms power < 0.1%
Frequency range, full range 20-20,000Hz
Frequency range, satellite -
Frequency range, subwoofer 20Hz - (var. 50-150Hz)
Output impedance 4-8Ω
Input impedance line: 24kΩ/high: 17kΩ
Max. input voltage

Line in

4.7V mono/ 2.3V stereo

High power in

33V stereo
Max. power of high level input 4Ω 2 x 270WMAX
Max. power of high-level input 8Ω 2 x 135WMAX
S/N ratio > 70dB
Power consumption, no load 2.5VA
Power consumption, stand-by 0.6VA
Stand-by activation time approx. 7 min.
Power supply 230V˜/50Hz/120VA
Required mounting cutout 140x250mm
Mounting depth w/o front panel 90mm
Dimensions 170x280x95mm
Weight 3.3kg


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