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Fully featured, compact mixer for sound recording, musicians, mixing, computer recording, audio/video editing and translation.

Combo mic input
Phantom power supply
USB 2.0 connector for recording and playback
6.3mm headphones output jack
Balanced 6.3mm input jack
3.5mm in- & output jacks for mic and headphones of a headset
Effects, Digital echo
Stereo outputs via 6.35mm jacks

CH1 MIC/LINE     Gain, -14~+40dB
Phantom power     +48V LED
Peak Led     lights up when the signal is at 3dB below clipping
Equalizer     80Hz & 12Khz, control range +/- 15dB
Effect     digital Echo
CH2 INST/LINE     Input selector
Signal indicator     Level control
CH3-CH4 LINE     Signal indicator: -3dB
USB Audio     USB 2.0 Audio Class, connector type B
Sampling     48 kHz, Bit-Depth 16bits
Input power     DC 5V-500mA, max. 2.5W
Dimensions     111x33x135mm
Weight     0.6kg
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