Carvin V3 212 kitaracombo

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Carvin V3 212 kitaracombo.

Tehokas 3-kanavainen putkivahvistin jossa potkua ja puhdas ja erotteleva clean-soundi! Todella moneen taipuva vahvistin!

Made in USA

Carvin does it again! Introducing an innovative, cutting edge 3 channel all tube Combo that won’t break the bank! With Celestion Speakers to boot! Midi Controllable!
Three channels, 9 modes = tonal bliss Compact 2x12 format Parallel and Series effects loops Midi Control ALL THE FEATURES OF THE V3 HEAD ARE IN THERE! Blues, Metal, Fusion, This combo can do it all! Bottom line: Boutique Quality at a real world price, in a package that’s portable and lethal!

Technical SPecs:


Master Controls

• Master volume: Controls output of all 3 channels. Boost or cut your entire rig with one control.
• Boost: Add up to 9 dB of volume boost, switch it on/off via the FS44 footswitch and MIDI.
• Bright: Boost highs starting at 5kHz for added clarity.
• Mid Cut: A unique mid cut helps dial in a master scooped tone from mild to extreme.
• Deep: Adds low frequencies at the sub-harmonic level
• Smart Loops: Total control of your effects, remembers your effects loop settings for each channel. Just assign a loop(s) to the currrent channel, Smart Loop™ permanently saves it until you change it.

Channel 1 & 2 Overdrive

3 Drive Modes:
a) "Center" - a classic rich, open overdrive with lots of headroom. Turning up the Drive knob adds sustain and warmth.
b) "Thick" - brings on the chunk with a massive low-end, textured mids and blistering highs. Turning up the Drive knob adds sustain to the highs, grit to the mids with low-end bark.
c) "Intense"- the most gain and sustain with notes that leap out with startling articulation. The low-end is deep and percussive. Mids and highs smoothly blend and still cut through. Turning up the Drive stretches the envelope of sustain to the edge.
EQX: Toggle between standard EQ and Expanded EQ. This switch opens a wider frequency range for the TREBLE and BASS.
Presence: Boosting 8kHz to help cut through.

Channel 3 Clean

3 Drive Modes:
a) "Center" - a classic rich, open clean sound with lots of headroom. Turning up the drive adds tube warmth and sag.
b) "Bright" - adds high end to the preamp, inviting high frequencies to chime and sustain as the Drive is turned up.
c) "Soak" - boosts all preamp frequencies. As the Drive is turned up, a vintage snarl emanates from the amp.
EQX: Toggle between standard EQ and Expanded EQ. This switch opens a wider frequency range for the TREBLE, MID and BASS.
Presence: Boost 11kHz for glassy, shimmering highs.

Additional Specs:


a) Line Out: Plug into a mixer or recording device.
b) LINE OUT LEVEL: Varies the output at the 1/4” output to prevent overloading your mixer.
c) CABINET VOICING: Simulates a speaker cabinet response.

• Loop 1: Series configured effects loop. The TAIL switch enables a long “tail effect” allowing the effect to be heard after the loop has been switched off.
• Loop 2: Parallel configured effects loop with return level control and TAIL switch.
• MIDI in & Thru: Use with standard MIDI controller. Easy control of all channels, volume boost and Smart Loops™.

• Footswitches: FS44: Remote switching of 3 channels plus volume boost. FS22: Controls both effects loops (MIDI not required).
• Output 1 & 2: Parallel outputs for connecting two speaker cabinets. Impedance selector 4, 8 & 16 ohms.
• 100w/50w SWITCH: Get increased power tube saturation at lower levels in 50w mode.
• BIAS SWITCH: Choose between EL34, 5881 or 6L6GC power tubes, set the BIAS to match the tubes.


• Output Power: 100 watts or 50 watts
• 5 - 12AX7 Groove Tubes™
• 4 - EL34 matched Groove Tubes™
• 26W x 11.25D x 22.5H, Wt 73lbs

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